Abbott Informatics is pleased to announce the release of ES2015.R1 STARLIMS Environmental Sciences solution. This product release includes a number of key features:

  • STARLIMS Technology Platform release v11.0.32.
  • Support for corporate or site specific identify.
  • Improved Clients & Client Projects Management module.
  • New Sample Route Manager application allows the user to manage routes that contain sampling points used for collecting samples. Unlike Client Projects, this module allows you to collect samples from multiple clients using one route.
  • New generic Specs & Validations with additional support for accuracy, precision, LOD, LOQ and main QCs (i.e. blanks, duplicates, spikes, spike duplicates, LCS, etc.).
  • Unified and enhanced Comments and Attachments feature applicable at different levels such as sample, container, test, run/batch, result.
  • Improved Container Management which allow better sample container management (definition, testing compatibility, handling, aliquoting, etc.).
  • Enhanced Equipment Management feature with support for MDL/IDL Studies, Calibrations - curve fittings such as Average RF, Linear and Quadratic (Equal Weight, Weighted 1/x, Weighted 1/x²), support for defining the Upper Quantitation Limits, and ability to define multiple QC Templates per each Equipment/Test/Method combination.
  • New feature called Analyte Master Table, which allows the definition of Analytes and their properties (i.e. CAS#, molecular weight, category, subcategory, chemical structure).
  • Support for Micro tests based on MPN algorithms for MTF and Quanti-Tray methods.
  • Method Management feature with multi-site support and the possibility to directly link a SOP document and/or a URL to a SOP.
  • Enhanced Material Management, Inventory and In-House Preparation features that allows reagent/standard preparation based on predefined recipes with full traceability and material parentage support.
  • New Quality Assurance dashboard section that includes support for Control Limits studies, Trending and Course & Analysts Certifications.
  • Support for internal (cross site) and external outsourcing of sample testing.
  • Improved Results Entry interface which allows full tracking of the standards, reagents, surrogates and the inventories associated with each sample, selection from multiple predefined QC Templates to be applied, creation of QC-only runs/batches, on demand analyte replication and re-testing, and the ability to build in semi-automated manner analytical runs/batches from multiple prep runs.
  • Enhanced billing feature which allows invoicing for testing services, add-on services (i.e. sampling, handling, storage, etc.), materials and ability to apply discounts or surcharges.

STARLIMS Environmental Sciences solution is designed to promote efficiency and compliance for public and private customers in their environmental services laboratories. The STARLIMS Environmental Sciences solution is currently deployed globally with customers in Americas, Caribbean and Europe.

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