Cloud Services Frequently Asked Questions

What are Abbott Informatics Cloud Services?

A complete portfolio of cloud products and services, ranging from creation of a public or private cloud environment for your company, to the support, maintenance and performance monitoring of your STARLIMS cloud deployment.

What is included with my monthly fee to Abbott Informatics Cloud Services?
  • A public or private cloud offering
  • All infrastructure software licensing
  • Application(s) high availability of 99.9%
  • Development, test and production application environments
  • Infrastructure maintenance including installation, patch management and malware protection
  • System monitoring, notifications, etc.
  • Database maintenance, back-up and retention services
  • Disaster recovery (recovery time objective four hours and recovery point objective 15 minutes)
What types of cloud offerings does Abbott Informatics Cloud Services offer?

Abbott Informatics offers best-in-class cloud environments to complement your business’s cloud strategy.  We offer two types of cloud services.  Our Cloud Subscription option includes access to STARLIMS licenses, support, infrastructure and managed services in a monthly fee.  Or, if you have perpetual licenses to STARLIMS, our Managed Hosting Services provides you with infrastructure and managed services.  Our Cloud Services team will discuss your requirements and outline the options available to you.

Will my STARLIMS user experience be the same as if it were installed on site?

As with an on-site deployment, users will access STARLIMS via a web browser and enjoy the same STARLIMS user experience. Users who have used STARLIMS in an on-site deployment will not notice a difference.

When Abbott Informatics applies patches and performs maintenance, will the system be unavailable?

The Abbott Informatics Cloud Services team will notify you within a specified time frame to perform maintenance as required and minimize any impact on your business.

Can we still interface instrumentation?

Instruments are interfaced in the same way as in on-site STARLIMS deployments. Your instrument workstations and data acquisition systems communicate with STARLIMS directly.

How can we interface to our ERP, financial systems and other external applications?

The third-party software interfacing is accomplished in the same way as for on-site deployments.

Are Abbott Informatics Professional Services still able to assist with our deployment?

Yes, as with on-site deployments, Abbott Informatics can provide as much assistance as you require.

Our company is growing rapidly, how difficult is it to increase our user and computing resource (CPU, memory and storage) needs to accommodate those changes?

We can easily modify your user licensing and computing resource needs to match your business growth, so that users are continually provided with an optimized environment.

Does your company provide mechanisms for ensuring secure data transfers between our company and your organization?

STARLIMS is a web-based application that uses application and database servers hosted in a secure data center. This allows users to securely connect via the Internet. All data is hosted in a secure cloud-based infrastructure, and is delivered, managed and accessed via the STARLIMS application. Data in transit is secured with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and on request; data at rest can be secured further with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). 

I am an existing customer with STARLIMS on-premise. Can we switch to the cloud?

Yes, you can bring  your STARLIMS licenses to our Cloud environment with our Managed Hosting Service.  Managed Hosting Services will take care of the infrastructure and will provide fully managed services to your organization. 

Who maintains the infrastructure in the cloud environment?

The Abbott Informatics Cloud Services team is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of your cloud environment. The customer is responsible for maintaining the STARLIMS application (security, configuration, etc.).

We need multiple STARLIMS environments; is that possible with Abbott Informatics Cloud Services?

Abbott Informatics offers Cloud Services for multiple environments, such as development, testing, validation, training and production. The Abbott Informatics Cloud Services team can create any combination of development, testing, training, or production environments on demand. Abbott Informatics Cloud Services can tailor a cloud environment to meet your requirements.

Does Abbott Informatics Cloud Services offer an HIPAA compliant solution?

Abbott Informatics offers an HIPAA compliant cloud service that meets HIPAA regulatory requirements. In addition, data is encrypted whether in transit or at rest.

Who monitors system performance?

The Abbott Informatics Cloud Services team is responsible for cloud infrastructure application performance and database monitoring. We will respond and resolve performance issues in a timely manner to ensure that your system is optimized and tuned.

How is my data backed up?

Normally, a minimum of 30 days of data will be backed up and retained. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can adjust data retention policies as needed. HIPAA customers will have data backed up and retained for a minimum of six years to meet regulatory requirements.


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