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Hipra, partners in the Animal Health industry

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February 13, 2013

Hipra, partners in the Animal Health industry

With STARLIMS Solution, HIPRA is able to consolidate all the laboratory information in a single solution, offering to their customers an added value, providing tests results in real time.

HIPRA Challenges STARLIMS Impact HIPRA Results
Be able to interface different instruments Ability to interface any instrument in the laboratory 100% of the lab instruments are connected
Replace the outdated MSAccess-based system with a cutting-edge solution  A web-based solution which uses Microsoft .Net There is no need to have a client-server application A modern, flexible and scalable solution. By being 100% web, it allows them to access the solution from any device
Dedicate less time in the analysis process and optimize the lab operations Well defined test workflows, ability to program/plan the laboratory resources and an efficient management of the whole sample cycle 40% improvement in the time needed for analyzing processes and work planning
Generate different reports easily and in a fast way With STARLIMS all the information is centralized, allowing the lab staff to use tools for creating and managing reports easily COAs are easily generated, reducing by 70% the time spent in completing the task
Have only one tool that allows you to correctly report results to customers, through reports and graphics A single centralized and fully integrated system allows users to create reports, generate graphics and queries for an appropriate use of the information Allows customers to have access to real-time sample results, reducing 90% of the time needed to submit results in paper format
STARLIMS contribution to the laboratory management
  • Analysts’ time optimization, once their tasks are done through the LIMS.
  • A better control of the processes. The workflows system requires lab staff to overcome the methods by following a strict order.
  • An improved quality control. Each step requires user’s login and all the tasks are registered (traceability).
  • The creation of a corporate laboratory network. The same solution (LIMS) is used in different countries, in different languages.
  • Streamlined management of complex laboratory processes.
  • Through the use of STARLIMS Designer, Hipra’s IT department has the capacity to easily develop new functionalities specific to their business needs.
  • Efficient inventory management (laboratory reagents)


Time saving and optimization of the laboratory resources by 40%
  • Quality improvement (through automation of processes, etc.)
  • Faster accomplishment of daily tasks (approvals, COA publication, etc.) - Flexibility for adapting new customers’ requirements
  • Efficiency in each test completed
  • Full traceability as well as quality standards and good laboratory practices assurance. 

HIPRA is a veterinary pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research, production and marketing of products for Animal Health. HIPRA is a leading company in Animal Health, especially in Biologicals, founded more than half a century. Nowadays they occupy one of the top positions among the pharmaceutical companies producing Biologicals for the veterinary industry worldwide.

Research is a priority at HIPRA. About 9% of their annual turnover is dedicated to R&D, which is aimed on obtaining high-tech products, especially in the fields of immunology, microbiology, genomics, proteomics, molecular biology, pharmaceutical technology and pre-clinical and clinical trials.

HIPRA, partners in the Animal Health industry

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What Customers Say

"The software we used before was based on Microsoft Access. With all the limitations it entailed, the main problem we used to face was it was impossible to interface it with other software (SAP, CRM, etc.)."

Jaime Maldonado
Responsible for the laboratory

"We used to spend so much time doing part of the process manually or using other specific applications. The most striking example was the need to create graphics of COA results one by one, which meant we had to have 1 or 2 people dedicated to this task every afternoon. Another example is related to the application used to read and transfer to the COA the data generated by instruments. We no longer use this software because now all the graphic results are generated through the LIMS, by using Crystal Reports."

Antoni Abellaned
Lab technician

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